In house

buy accutane mastercard buy amoxil uk Traditional sales training methods often involve a 1 – 2 day seminar attended by sales teams whereby most of what is learned is forgotten within a matter of a few days. Why? Because to actually apply knowledge gained, requires a change in behavior patterns.

To change behaviour patterns requires time and commitment from all parties involved – that includes us as your Trainers, the participants of the Training and the Management Team. It is vital for re-enforcement of the ‘theory’ to begin and continue once the initial training seminar is over.

Tetragon recognizes the importance of this and thus works in tandem with your Management Team to ensure an infrastructure is set in place whereby information gained in the training sessions is applied by way of re-enforcement through on-site monitoring of live-calls on a one-to- one basis by Tetragon’s Training Consultant. Feed- back of individual staff is provided in a detailed report to the Management Team.

Our process works by partnering with you to consult, audit, deliver, implement and monitor on-site a structured, tailor-made program to meet your specific needs. With over 40 Modules covering the entire sales-cycle, Tetragon’s objective is to ensure your Sales Team is equipped with the correct tools to optimize every sales opportunity.


If you are considering a career in sales or are currently in a sales role and looking to enhance your sales skills and effectiveness Tetragon provides an ideal and affordable platform.

Our half day and full day courses will provide you with essential tools to enable you to improve your sales skills, secure a professional sales role or achieve higher goals within your existing position. As a member of the Institute of Marketing Tetragon are accredited to award all individuals who successfully complete a course to receive a certificate of achievement.