As the trend of out-sourcing continues to grow, Tetragon offers can provide an outsourcing service to clients with a flexible partnering arrangement which capitalizes on each parties strengths.

Why use Tetragon’s Out-Sourcing services?

As our Client, your strength lies in being the expert in your product or service range. Your Sales Managers often may not have time to dedicate to cold-calling, making competitor approaches, mapping, research, finding names out of decision makers, making appointments, getting past gatekeepers…….their skill-set and expertise lies in being in front of a prospective client so that they have an opportunity to close the sale. This is where Tetragon’s strength comes into play. By under-taking the responsibility for the ground-work of your project or campaign, – i.e. the cold-calling, garnering of relevant names, making appointments we allow your specialists to do what they are best at doing – selling.

By out-sourcing your Project to us, we will ensure that data garnered is current, accurate and relevant for your requirements. Tetragon has very successfully helped many companies use their time and resources efficiently by allowing them to concentrate on the sales aspect of their business. We have been instrumental on many occasions by managing the whole process of a specific project which has led to a significant increase in the volume of potential new business-leads for our Clients.

Tetragon can partner with you on a one-off project or can work with you on an on-going retainer basis. The execution of the project can take place either on-site (Client’s office premises), or from Tetragon’s office